“Humility is a necessary trait for actors”…Nova Firoz

In a recent conversation with The Daily Star, Nova Firoz, shared little tidbits about her life under the spotlight. Being an actress, anchor and a singer, she has touched the hearts of many. But to be in this position it is not an easy job, she says:

A star like everyone else must know the meaning of true humility. Actors should know how to project their simplicity through their work, behaviour and their presence.

This is not the only thing that an actor should keep in mind. One more factor is that fame should never affect their work.

There have been a lot of cases where people whose success has gone to their head, begin to lack dedication to their professions. “Commitment” is an important word, sometimes forgotten by many actors.

Being in the spotlight is something that we cannot achieve overnight. We have to earn it through our dedication and hard work. And an actor should always know that it is their fans that have brought them to their present position….read more

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